Fresh for 2012

Happy New Year everyone! Fresh for 2012, postcard save the dates! A great way to get your friends and family to ‘pencil in’ your big day! Bespoke designs for your wedding, party or fancy affair, get in touch for an individual quotation.

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Bespoke invitations for Madeline and Paul’s vintage wedding

I designed these bespoke wedding invitations after my clients expressed a love of fancy lettering, soft/pastel colours and all things vintage. The flyer style invite sets an informal and fun tone to the couple’s special day. The details of rock and retro sweets adds an extra element of nostalgia as well as reflecting the Bride’s childhood upbringing in a seaside town.

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Bespoke invitations for Donna and Tim’s retro wedding

I created these poster style wedding invitations for a fun, quirky couple with a shared love of vintage fashion, retro typography and their pet rabbit, Robert!

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Peppermint Paper Design at ‘A Most Curious Vintage Wedding fair’ 16.04.11

So my first day out and about with my new venture Peppermint Paper Design- and a very successful one it was too. Set in the beautiful surroundings of St Andrews and Blackfriars Hall, Norwich this totally unique wedding fair attracted so many inspired Brides-to-be (and Grooms of course) looking for something a little bit different. Here’s a sneak peek at some new work that I exhibited…

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‘The Red Balloon’

I spent today working on some new designs for cards and invites, inspired by Albert Lamorisse’s beautiful 1956 film ‘ Le Ballon Rouge’. If you haven’t seen this short fantasy film about a boys adventures with his red balloon you must- every single second is a visual feast, accompanied by a perfect music score which brings the balloon to life. These designs are just my way of appreciating this beautifully understated tale, which leaves you to draw your own conclusions as to it’s message…

Cards available at:

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Hello world!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog for 2011, I’m an illustrator from Essex taking on the stagnant, dull world of mass-produced invitations and stationary with my unique, fresh designs. Gone are the days of formal, stuffy, anonymous invites, why can’t your correspondence be cutting-edge, contemporary and reflect your personality, well now it can! I am an illustrator on a mission…

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